Use your existing Optical Comparator unit and give it “New” Life…

Over the years of Service, a question is always asked “Can we Upgrade this thing”.

The answer is not always straightforward, but can be worked around as there is many options.

Metlogix has given you a choice with its Mx100 and Mx200 DRO units. Keep your existing scales and adapt to either of the new DRO configurations, or replace the existing scales and still adapt to either unit. Cost savings on one hand, and extra re-assurance on the other.

Scale cabling configuration adaptor(s) on the rear of the units allow for existing or new scales to be attached and configured in the parameter settings. When placing an order make sure of what type is on your existing unit.

ex: 9-Pin Round 11uA (Heidenhain),

6-Pin Round (Acurite),

7-Pin Round (RSF/Deltronic),

15-Pin Rectangular (Heidenhain 1Vpp, Mitutoyo, Nikon HD DSub, AMO/LIDA),

9-Pin Rectangular Dsub (TTL Scale Output).

Extra note, also check for a Q-axis (Rotary Protractor). This is usually a 9-Pin TTL connection that can be adapted.

OEor Optical Edge Detection can be adapted to the Mx200 unit only. If, your existing unit has a side swing-arm with a fiber-optic light cable adaptor, the Mx200 can be used. New replacement OE Cables (2) will be provided, as long as it is specified when ordering.

Most existing Optical Comparators have some form of existing DRO display attached to the main body of the unit’s model, tucked to the side or facing forward from the top. Metlogix provides various holding adaptors (degrees of view to the operator(s)), with a Base Plate for either Desktop placement or on an existing swing away shelf, RAM Ball Mount and OEM Mount (4 Position Angles) for existing Fixed Side Arm mounting.

It should be noted, the -AM (Arm Mount) and -DM (Desktop Mount) options support mounting in one of four viewing angles (0Deg, 17Deg, 33Deg, 50Deg). 2 blocks are supplied, each supporting 2 of the previously mentioned angles.

Metlogix M1 Tablet

Bluetooth connection

WiFi ability

Reports to pdf

Touch Screen

Metlogix M2 OE Software

Mini-PC Win10 Pro with separate Touch Screen

Choice of Report outputs

Part View Screen switchable

Metlogix M2 OE CNC

Copley Servo Controls to Mini-PC and Touch Screen Retrofit

Copley Controls for XY Axis Control through Joystick or M2 Software

Tunable Controls for each independent axis

Metlogix M2 OE Interface

Side Mount configuration – Easy – Crisp – Accessible

Upgrade and Calibration Complete – Back in Service

LED Upgrade

Controlled Intensity LED Ring Light Upgrade