/TASUS Canada adds Starrett LFM-713 to current lineup of Quality Inspection Equipment

TASUS Canada adds Starrett LFM-713 to current lineup of Quality Inspection Equipment

Tasus Canada adds large Starrett LFM-713 vision system to Quality Inspection Lab

TASUS Canada has now added another Starrett Vision System to their lineup of Quality Inspection equipment. Currently, the previously purchased Starrett AVR300 had the large task of inspecting many of the printing parts produced by TASUS’s facility in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. As the requirement to inspect larger parts with a high quantity volume became more of a challenge, not only to inspect in a quicker time-frame, but also to fit in the volume of camera inspection (FOV),TASUS again approached Linear Optics Inc. for discussion on what equipment was available from Starrett, and what could be changed in the way of Optical Capabilities to accommodate a slot requirement in a FOV with less points to be taken to measure the feature. Linear Optics Inc. suggested the same software as currently used on AVR300 (Metlogix- M3) for the newer unit, with same software features (DXF/FOV, and Profile Fitting). The only changes being the addition of a Quad-Field Ring Light to accommodate 3D part edging and ability to select quadrants, and up/down contrasting of ring, all software controlled, and addition of 0.5x add on lens to the 12:1 zoom Lens, creating a larger FOV of the slot.

The availability of a LFM713 (Mechanical Bearing) unit was a perfect fit with its “large 26″x24″x8″ working volume. This allows the required part to have a 2” work around area away from part edge and is not straining the outer limits of the platen work area and drive system. It also allows for a few other smaller parts to be measured along with the large part (saving time and adding to quantity of parts requiring inspection). The use of mechanical bearings gave the required stability, accuracy, with out the expense of installing a air line to the unit from somewhere within the TASUS facility, reducing a further cost. The use of Metlogix M3 software again gave a reduced time to learn another software package and incompatibility between machines. Now by having the same packages at the same level, and programs stored on a network location, both units can access freely desired part programs at any given time.

“Large (X) 26″ x (Y) 24″ x (Z) 8″ – accommodates printing sheets with room to spare”

Due to the large size of this unit (First Largest Starrett Vision System in Canada), the big task was getting it from shipping area to QC Lab area without a lot of engineering. With the help of all at Tasus, it seemed like a breeze to uncrate, lift off skidding and muscle it to its final destination. TASUS had even provided a back double door entry way to the QC LAB, not only for access, but to give any future required service by Linear Optics Inc. easy access. A “BIG” Thank You to them.

                                                                         FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS
• Transports are driven on air bearings by hi-speed (up to 30″ per
second), zero maintenance, balanced linear motors, or precision
mechanical linear bearings, which are close-looped to precision
hi-resolution scales in all three axes
• Adjustable ergonomic workstation including a compact control
panel and standard keyboard
• Massive granite base, bridge and mechanical or air-bearing ways
for superior machine stability and precision
• Choice of QC5300 or MetLogix™ M3 Software
• 21.5″ touchscreen with M3 software
• 24″ monitor with QC5300
• LED Surface Ring Illumination
• LED Transmitted Illumination
• LED Coaxial Illumination
• Digital Video Color Camera: 1.2 MP, 1/3″ SXVGA sensor

• Dedicated 6.5:1 or 12:1 CNC zoom optics
• 0.5x, 1.5x and 2.0x auxiliary lenses for zoom optics
• Quadrant LED surface illumination
• DXF/FOV option pack for automatic comparison to CAD designs
• Calibration standards
• Part fixtures and work holding devices
• Reinshaw touch probe kit
• Touch probe spotter camera for viewing critical placement of touch
probe points as well as a touch probe changing rack (with QC5300)