/Starrett – MV300/350 Manual Vision Systems

Starrett – MV300/350 Manual Vision Systems

Starrett – Total Solution Provider
With Starrett Metrology products, the system is only a part of the whole package. From application analysis, system specification,
installation and training, to post-installation field services, the excellence of our products is matched by the quality and comprehensive range of our services.

Committed to Quality
We recognize that reliable operation and dependable accuracy are essential to your quality and manufacturing operations. As part of Linear Optics Inc.’s commitment to quality, we have been established as a ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited source for all calibrations performed for all Starrett’s equipment we sell.Linear Optics Inc. is here with whatever you need to keep your system on the job.

Complete Purchase Support
Linear Optics Inc. together with Starrett are factory trained experts available to perform calibration, preventive maintenance, repairs, upgrades and system retrofits. We offer on-site training, custom programming and measurement process development. From pre-sale to post-sale, we are their to help with correct choices, recommendations, at ease solutions.

“Starrett Vision Systems… The unbeatable combination of precision mechanics, powerful and intuitive software, and extensive pre and post purchase support, ensure that Starrett Vision Systems take video-based, multi-sensor measuring systems to the next level. Starrett Vision Systems combine high-resolution images with robust, precision mechanical platforms to deliver superb accuracy and repeatable measurement results for a wide range of metrology applications.

Systems are available with a choice of metrology readouts.
Starrett Metrology Systems provide quick Return-On- Investment through increased product quality, user time savings and alternative equipment reduction”.

MV Video Measuring Systems are easy-to-use, general purpose, non-contact measurement systems with zoom optics. A highly stable mechanical design and precision linear bearings achieve superb performance.  X and Y dimensions are measured by moving the stage horizontally.  Z height is measured by moving vertically to maintain focus. 

MV systems are ideal for Quality Labs, Manufacturing floor part measurement where short runs are common.

The operator interface is an M3-equipped PC. The part image, measurement graphics, and readings are displayed on a colour touch-screen. Video edge detection (VED), single and multi-point measurements of 2D geometries, and report generation are standard.

Features and Specifications


  • Zoom optics 6.5:1
  • MetLogix™ M3 control system software
  • Video edge detection (VED)
  • Fibre Optic or LED illumination, sub-stage bottom illumination and ring light surface illumination
  • All in-one-PC with 21.5″ (55cm) colour touch-screen
  • Windows® 10 Professional operating system
  • Easy manual X-Y-Z positioning via hand wheels
  • 0.5x, 1.5x, and 2.0x auxiliary lenses for zoom optics
  • Coaxial LED or fibre optic surface illumination
  • Calibration standards
  • DXF/FOV option pack for automatic comparison to CAD designs
  • Modular workstation

The Galileo MV 300 system is a general-purpose manual video-based
measurement system, ideal for quality assurance and
inspection labs, and manufacturing, assembly and research
A precision mechanical bearing X-Y-Z stage and column translates
data accurately and repeatably to the Metlogix M3 touchscreen
measuring solution. Other measurement systems can also be
supplied on request.

X-Y-Z Measuring Range (mm) 300 x 150 x 125
X-Y-Z Measuring Range (inch) 12 x 6 x 5.5
X-Y Accuracy in μm E1=3.5+5L/1000
Z accuracy in μm E1=2.5+5L/1000
Control System / Software Metlogix M3
Zoom Optics 6.5:1
S Video Colour Camera Supplied as standard
Surface Ring Illumination LED or Fi-O
Transmitted Illumination LED or Fi-O
Coaxial Illumination Supplied as an option
Dark Field Quadrant Illumination (L.E.D. only) Supplied as on option
Auxiliary Lenses (Optional) .5x, 2.0X
Workstation Supplied as an option
Part Fixturing Supplied as an option
Video Pixel Calibration Standards Supplied as an option
Calibration Standards Supplied as an option

MV300 Dimensions
MV300 dimensions are as listed in the image, all measurements
are in millimetres.
Gross Weight: 137kg.
Net Weight: 67kg.
Shipping dimensions: 120 x 82 x 100cm.