The all new “HVR-Flip” from Starrett is the latest in a line of video-based measurement systems. The HVR-Flip has the unique characteristic of being used in either a vertical or horizontal format offering tremendous versatility and value.


Rapidly measure parts up to 3.65 x 3″
Working distance of 10″
Measure a single feature, an entire part, or multiple parts
MetLogix™ M3 software allows for easy one-touch
feature measurement
Auto-detect part recognition
DXF Import – Electronic overlay for quick part comparison
Export features to DXF
Compare complex profiles with discreet data points
and comparison to CAD
Graphic based “Part View” constructions
Geometric tolerancing
Flexible report content and formatting
Multi-language support
Optional software modules:
–– Profile fitting
––Wire insulation
–– Thread measurement
System can be easily converted from a vertical
format to a horizontal format measuring system

“Truly a large FOV, with no stitching of imagery”


MetLogix™ M3 and optional DXF/FOV Best Fitting Software offer the best available
technology for part comparison and measurement.

Displayed on a 24″ touch-screen monitor, M3 software supports 3-axis measurements and 2D Geometrical constructs
(such as points, lines, angles and rectangles).

Live video part images plus geometry image can be resized using pan and zoom, and measurements can be taken by simply
tapping a feature on the screen.

With the M3 DXF/FOV option pack, DXF CAD files can be imported over a network and be automatically compared to the actual part.