/HF750 Horizontal Floor Standing

HF750 Horizontal Floor Standing

Horizontal Floor Standing Optical Comparator


Utilizing the same exemplary build standards as the HF600, the HF750 super capacity optical comparator delivers benefits from an even larger 30″ (762mm) screen, setting a new standard for clarity and brightness. Ideal for use over a broad spectrum of industries and applications, the HF750 is designed and built to satisfy the requirements of measuring small to large work pieces with total precision, ruggedness, and efficiency. The geometric software measures diameter, radius, angle, line and point features, plus part skewing for faster setup. The HF750 is available with optical edge detection or video edge detection with advanced software and OV2 or TOV2 camera options.

“delivers benefits from an even larger 30″ (762mm) screen, setting a new standard for clarity and brightness..”


MetLogix™ M2 M3    *Metlogix MX200 DRO
Mounted to comparator arm (M2,M3) (MX200)
Color graphics  (M2) (M3) (MX200*)
Touch screen operation (M2) (M3)
MS Windows® operating system (M2) (M3)
X-Y-Q axis digital readout (M2) (M3) (MX200*)
2D geometry software with skew (M2) (M3) (MX200*)
Optical edge detection option (M2) (M3) (MX200-OE*)
Video edge detection  (M3)
CAD file import and export option (M3)
CNC drive option (M2) (M3)
Software developer MetLogix™ M2 MetLogix™ M3
*Available with either optical edge detection or video edge detection

Horizontal Travel 12″ (300mm)
Vertical Travel 8″ (200mm)
Focus Travel 3″ (75mm)
Top Plate* 25″ x 9″ (635 x 230mm)
Image Erect and reversed
*With machined slots for easy fixturing

Net Weight 1660lbs 752kg
Gross Weight 1800lbs 816kg
Crated Dimensions 97″ x 48″ x 91″ 246 x 122 x 231cm

Features and Specifications
• All metal construction with nickel plated stage tooling plate
• 30″ (750mm) diameter screen
• Motorized X and Y axes standard
• Two-axis power drive via joystick and variable speed control for fine adjust
• Projection lens turret with three lens capacity (lenses not included)
• Turret mounted condenser system with yellow/green filter and provision to mount further accessories
• Linear encoder (glass scale) on both X and Y axes
• Halogen profile and surface illumination
• Digital protractor for accurate angle measurements (1′ resolution) via Q-axis readout
• Available with MetLogix™ M2 or M3 PC-based touch screen measuring software or Metlogix® MX200 digital readout system
• Full canopy and curtains included
• Six interchangeable fixed magnification lenses including 10x, 20x, 25x, 31.25x, 50x and 100x
• Optional 5x fixed lens system available by special order
• Extended travel stage 20″ x 8″ (500 x 200mm) with 32″ x 8″ (800 x 200mm) top plate
• Automatic optical edge detection
• Automatic video edge detection (available only with OV2 or TOV2 video cameras)
• OV2 Video Camera with 6.5:1zoom lens
• TOV2 Telecentric Video Camera with choice of 0.16x, 0.3x, or 0.5x fixed magnification lens
• Fully automatic CNC controls
• Swing-away lamp house
• Extensive line of accessories