/BWXT Nuclear Energy Canada adds HDV400-M3 to Inspection Capabilities

BWXT Nuclear Energy Canada adds HDV400-M3 to Inspection Capabilities


BWXT Nuclear Energy Canada adds HDV400-M3 to Inspection Capabilities

BWXT will be adding the HDV400-M3 series Digital Video Comparator to their Inspection capabilities.

With interchangeable Telecentric 0.3X (28x24mm FOV), and 0.8X (10.5×8.9mm) lenses, this will give them the ability to measure complex to enhanced features of their parts. Easy reporting, 2D Profile Fitting (DXF/FOV overlay(s)), Thread Measuring will enhance the inspection time. The 24″ Touch Screen makes measuring of parts across the 16″ (X Stage Travel) x 6″ (Y Stage Travel) x 2″ (Focus Travel) easy, while placing parts on a Table Surface of 21.3″ x 5.1″.


“HDV400-M3 with 2D Profile Fitting and Thread Measuring functionality. Simple, Easy”

The HDV Horizontal Digital Video Projectors combine the best features of a horizontal optical projector and a vision metrology system. With a rigid steel design, the HDV is configured like a traditional horizontal projector. The workstages are the same as the Starrett field-proven HB400 bench top and HF750 floor standing projectors, with 50kg and 150kg load capacities respectively. The heart of these systems centres on a uniquely designed interchangeable lens mounting system coupled to a hi-resolution colour digital video camera (patent pending). These systems offer zoom optics or a choice of telecentric lenses for micron-level resolution and optical distortion as low as 0.001% for accurate field-of-view (FOV) measurements. Telecentric lenses provide a maximum field of view of up to 76.5 x 64mm. Stage movement can be related to the imported file allowing part comparison up to 300mm on the HDV300, 400mm on the HDV400, and up to 500mm on the HDV500.
The HDV systems house a powerful 64-bit PC, which runs MetLogix™ M3 Metrology software. With M3 software, DXF CAD files can be imported and 2D “Go-No-Go” digital overlays can be developed directly from the CAD files. Video edge detection (VED) allows real-time interaction of the imported file with the video image of the part being inspected. Productivity, speed and accuracy are all enhanced. HDV300 and HDV400 systems are available in manual or CNC control, while the HDV500 has CNC control as standard.

The HDV300 and HDV400 X-Y stage travel are 300 x 150mm and 400 x 150mm respectively. Each HDV Digital Video Projector features a 5-megapixel colour video camera and a choice of zoom optics or seven telecentric lens options (US Patent No.9,360,435) for ultra-low optical distortion field-of-view (FOV) measurements.

• Steel construction with hard anodized X Y stage.
• Stage Travel (HDV300): 300 x 150mm
• Stage Travel (HDV400): 400 x 150mm
• 540 x 130mm workstage
• Maximum Load Capacity: 50kg
• Focus Travel: 51mm of focus travel
• Helix angle adjustment with ±15° Vernier scale
• Manual X-Y and focus positioning via hand wheels
• Heidenhain glass scales for 0.00002″ (0.5μm ) X and Y
• LED illumination for surface and profile lighting
• 5 megapixel colour video camera (2448 x 2058 pixels)
• Ultra-low distortion to 0.001% for telecentric FOV
• 64-bit Intel® Processor
• Windows® 10 Professional operating system
• MetLogix™ M3 software with DXF/FOV importing and
• Parts displayed on 24″ touch-screen colour monitor (1920
x 1080 pixels)
• Bench top system

• 6 interchangeable telecentric lenses for field of view from
2.36 x 1.77″ to 0.09 x 0.07″ including .3x, .5x, .8x, 1.0x,
2.0x and 4.0x lens magnifications
• 6.5:1 zoom optics – interchangeable
• .14x fixed telecentric lens (FOV size) non-interchangeable –
utilizes black and white camera as standard
• MetLogix™ Profile Fitting software
• CNC controls
• 23″ or 32″ purpose built cabinet stands
• Extensive line of accessories, work holding devices and
calibration standards